Trump, a Hearst heir


Netflix recently released a documentary on former and 45th President of The United States, Donald John Trump.


Dear readers of R Magazine, Netflix recently released a documentary on former and 45th President of The United States Donald John Trump. This documentary portrays the rise of the Trumps’ heir, and it was whilst watching this documentary that I came up with the idea of the title for this article. Trump is heir to Hearst, the inventor of false information and this article will provide a factual analysis of the documentary. Donald Trump has been the subject of intense media coverage since his presidency and as a controversial figure in the United States since the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This documentary traces the journey of an heir who wanted to make the Trump name known in the real estate sector. It tells the story of Donald Trump, a man with a meteoric rise and whom we could call the “American Berlusconi” insofar as the two men originated in the real estate market and launched their political careers due to their desire for a quick rise to fame and their fascination with power (self-expression).

Why watch the documentary about Trump on Netflix?

This documentary is historically important as we see the Trump system in motion and we see what democracy means in his acts as a real estate agent, because the documentary strongly demonstrates how the management of the Trump Organization runs over the leadership of Donald Trump.

Watching the documentary Trump, an American dream, is paradoxical in the sense that Donald Trump considers himself a politician opposed to democratic concepts, who has often used threats vis-à-vis his opposition. It also raises a fundamental question: How is democracy doing and what is the reason for Trump’s rise?

Donald Trump: A paradoxical public figure: From agent to communicator, heir to Hearst

Donald Trump is a businessman who, despite being a public official, adopts a dominant and aggressive style, in the conduct of his business. At the rhetorical level, Trump becomes interesting as his speech is based upon his assertion towards his public. In Donald Trump’s mind, even though he is an investor, women are considered to be hierarchically inferior in the family’s organization from his father’s times. The documentary uses this psychological fragility well, along with the fact that he likes being in a dominant proposition.

It also demonstrates the management of the Trump Tower project, and the fiscal arrangements made to obtain tax concession from the City of New York. The main issue tackled in this documentary is his technical ability to avoid facing an opponent.

Does Trump represent the American dream?

The very title of the series on Trump brings up questionings, because he is presented as a zany character combined with a popularist appeal in order to command attention. To say that Trump’s life represents the American dream is akin to saying that the Kallstadt family wanted to build a brilliant dynasty. His dream was to be recognized in America, in the Hotel market and to build a solid reputation that collapsed because of the numerous juridical cases opened against the Trump Organization, mostly for fiscal fraud.

Even though the documentary follows a chronological timeline, we observe through the deconstruction of the facts that the Trump brand is losing power. This is because Trump did not foresee the reversal of fortune that has befallen him. As a politician, his fascination and his alliances with strong men such as Recep Tayip Erdogan during his presidency have not contributed to the hoped-for stabilization of the world. In Donald Trump’s case, being a businessman does not necessarily equates to being a good politician and diplomat.

This documentary should be shown more often as a means to understand the political history of the United States, because President Trump was devoid of it insofar as he considered his country as a business, and Americans as his employees.


Translation by Ariane Raffy

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