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The National school of remote learning (ENFD): an institution of continuing education


The national school of remote learning, also known in french as L’Ecole Nationale de la Formation à Distance (ENFD) answers to the challenges of continuing education, allowing students and professionals to choose a personalised training, helping them to reconcile studying and working.

The ENFD is part of an innovative approach to distance learning, imposed during confinement and whose methods have been adapted to combine education and digital technology.

Why choose The National school of remote learning?

The ENFD answers to the growing search of balance between personal and professional life and offers training in the fields of secretarial work, foreign languages ​​and IT. It allows a large number of people to train whilst maintaining their work.

It is important for young professionals and students to understand the opportunities that continuing education offers. In our constantly evolving world, our knowledge and information must continually be updated to fight against obsolescence, something which does not only concern the digital world. The approach chosen by the ENFD is the recent technique of distance learning. The school is accessible to job seekers, through the “Skills Operator” and the “Personal Training Account” (PTA). The means of payment is up to the discretion of the student.

The school is partnered to an online learning platform called “Coachs-Online” which provides support for learning. Its goal is to make learning accessible to everyone, including people who may have professional or personal constraints.

In conclusion, we note that the ENFD is an official Qualiopi-certified school which allows students to develop new skills and to maintain their employability. It aims to popularise distance learning in a francophone context as one of the pioneers of distance learning in France.


Translation by Ariane Raffy

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