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Africa 35.35 Award (formerly known as Francophonie 35.35) – Category: Blog and media innovation

Africa Mondo’s « Inspirational black women » Award – Category: Initiative

R Magazine (previously Teen’Art) is an independent webzine born in 2013 which promotes diversity and sharing by being free and accessible for everyone. It was created in both Dakar and Paris under the impulse of an art lover, Angélique Marguerite Berthe Diène (a.k.a Blacky Gyan) and the help of her young and confident brother, Stéphane André Pierre (a.k.a Stefdekarda), who has strong skills in visual arts. The idea came from a simple assessment: many artists who are doing wonderful work do not have the resources to promote themselves.

R Magazine gave itself the mission to showcase the passion a fashion designer expresses when he or she creates his or her collection, talk about the unique energy dancers share when they are on a stage, give a voice to a struggling sculptor through articles written by our volunteer editors spread around the world, promote a trans actress’s journey…

R Magazine targets 18 to 65 years old from all walks of life. That’s a big target audience you might say! Yes, but is there an age limit to enjoy art? It is about an audience that respects these words : trend, urban, open mindedness, etc. It is a platform for a new community of artists : those we see, those we don’t see any more and those we will see.

Bringing together art, solidarity and diversity goes back to giving ourselves the power to make the world a little more perfect, a world where everyone accepts everyone without outside judgment and disgusted stares. R Magazine might only be a drop of water in this rush of optimism, but it hopes to become a tsunami of reactions, because that is what we need most!

R Magazine is a vehicle for different types of content related to the world of arts, especially the people behind it. Through its trimestral publication, it offers artists a platform to be discovered on through interviews, portraits, meetings, …


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