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The Juried Art Exhibition

The Juried Art Exhibition is commemorating its 50 years anniversary this year. Hence the perfect timing to review the exhibition’s growth.

“Is it anger or jealousy?” That is the name of the winning painting of the Juried Art Exhibition 2020 (adult category), Angela Redmond (1).


The Juried Art Exhibition has been celebrating black creativity since 1970 within the walls of the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) based at Chicago. The exhibition is known to be the longest display of African-American Art. Each year emerging and professional African-American artists have the possibility to present their creations to a jury who will then present more than 100 works of art. The arts are composed among other things of paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography.

During the black Art movement in Chicago, black artists didn’t have the possibility to showcase their work in gallery or major institutions. To remedy to this injustice, a group of artists decided to create a platform to allow African-American to present their work to a mass audience in order to obtain the acknowledgment they deserved.

The Juried Art Exhibition started with a focus which was to help the black community showcase their works. However, the exhibition has had an impact that has gone way
beyond what the founders could have imagined.

Since its creation, the exhibition has open its doors to young artists. Thus they are two winners every year, one from the adult and one from the youth category. They are, as well, partner with the Art institute of Chicago. It's incredible because the reason why the founders worked with MSI was the rejection of major institution and nowadays they work with the second-largest art museum in the United State. It shows how much the American society evolved and the recognition of black artistry.


The Juried Art exhibition led the way for the Black Creativity programs. This program focuses on African-American achievement in a multitude of domain such as science, technology, engineering, medicine and art. As explained by two filmmakers, Coodie and Chike (2), the program is showing to young African-American that they can become whoever they want to be. It has quite a big impact because those kids are very impressed and full of hope when they see the roles they can pursue in life. In fact, the program now reach students in underserved Chicago neighbourhood.

The Juried Art Exhibition always had for purpose to help the black community since its creation. What is truly amazing is that the members of the MSI are still helping the African-American to unleash their full potentials through the Black creativity program.

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