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Soft Michel, a love flash


Returning from a concert with buzzing ears and a light spirit. Soft Michel gave me a love flash. This group of friends, who trained at the Conservatoire National de Paris, decided to leave the world of jazz to turn to the rock that rocked their adolescence. This Parisian rock band celebrates its first EP release and starts a concert tour in the Paris region.


Saturday night, you’re going home, maybe after going to the Soft Michel concert. At least, I wish you that. This Parisian rock band is celebrating its first EP release (Extended Play) and is starting a concert tour in the Paris area. You’ve been looking for their songs on Spotify or YouTube or maybe you’ve been following them on social networks. And you’re right! This group of friends, who trained at the National Conservatory of Paris, decided to leave the world of jazz to turn to the rock that rocked their adolescence. Together, they decided to pay homage to the softness of pub afternoons and the poetry of slow discussions.

In their songs, you will be able to recognize sounds inspired also by the rock of the 90s and contemporary, the songs take a pop look as we can hear from the Beatles, Wolf Alice, Coldplay or The Dø. You’ll also hear influences steeped in alcohol. This alcohol that tints their Parisian evenings, sponges up their disappointments in love or illuminates their late nights on the beach of the Landes.

Let yourself be lulled by their lyrical melodies, through which they dare to express their modest love. Try to appreciate the nakedness they offer you, which is not so easy today. Soft Michel succeeds in their songs to make embrace the violence of the words, the power of the sound of the guitars with the sensitivity of the voice. Their music is a real love slap. Something that makes your ears ring, your stomach turn and your mind lighten.

If you couldn’t see them on St. Patrick’s Day at the R Café in Montreuil, don’t hesitate to listen to their album on streaming platforms or to go see them live. Their live show will not leave you indifferent, you will go home carried away by the powerful and rough sounds of the guitars. Their colorful and heady harmonies will transmit you their crazy energy and this slap of love that you will not be ready to forget. They sign in 2022 with the distributor “Independent Digital”. In 2023, they release two live sessions: “Bottle of Soap” and “Willy Wonka”. These tracks are available on all streaming platforms. You will be able to find them in concert on May 12 in Paris at the Gambetta Club, on June 10 in Montreuil again at the R Café, as well as on June 29 in Paris at the Cirque Électrique.

Soft Michel with:

  • Antoine Martin: Lead singer, Guitar
  • Martin Ferreyros: Lead Guitar, backing vocals
  • Juan Villarroel: Bass, backing vocals
  • Victor Lalonde: Drums, backing vocals

Translation by Ahmet Akin

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