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Louise spent a big part of her life painting and drawing. For more than 25 years, she does it with passion.

When Louise Gingras started taking painting classes in the 90’s, she did not expect it to take up so much space in her life.

As a young girl, she loved to draw and did a lot of doodling. Art classes in high school did not excite her that much and even though she took a painting class in her early twenties, an event in her private life prevented her from continuing. However, she dragged her paint box from one move to the next, not resigning herself to getting rid of it.

In her early forties, free of past constraints, and influenced by her sister-in-law, she decided to take painting classes with Kelly Paterson. She began by painting reproductions, but her teacher suggested her to deepen her knowledge and techniques by enrolling in the Saidye Bronfman Center. She hesitated, but finally decided to go for it.

Baie St-Paul, Charlevoix, 16 po x 28 po
Huile sur canevas
2005 – Reproduction


This was the rebirth of a passion. She continues to attend workshops with various teachers, exploring different techniques while dreaming of a university education. It was not until she retired that she realized it. After a 5-week vacation, she began her certificate, a few hours per session, and dozens and dozens of hours in her studio. The last year of her certificate, due to the pandemic, she found herself on Zoom. She was so busy with classes and practical work, that she didn’t have time to realize that she was retired! Now with a certificate in visual arts, she spends several hours a day in her studio painting, refining a technique or simply reorganizing. While comparing the canvas to the writer’s blank page, she takes the time to recharge her imagination by visiting art galleries and exhibitions. She likes to flirt with realism and abstraction while recognizing the importance of color and the voice it gives her.

Now, nearly 25 years later and a few hundred paintings and several group shows later, Louise is glad she made the leap. She talks about the teachers who nurtured her passion and encouraged her. She describes via Zoom the pleasure of sharing with other painters during group exhibits.

During the past year, she took a portrait class and participated in an exhibit at the Sainte-Rose Art Center with Carole Bonneau’s students. Her cat served as a model.

My model


She has generously donated one of her paintings for the auction that will be held for the benefit of R Magazine.

In my opinion, she is ready for a solo exhibit. To which she replied: Am I ready for a solo show? Not sure, but one thing is for sure, I won’t know until I dive in.

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