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From Istanbul to Montreal, a story of love and artisans.

You may not have seen it yet, but there’s a fine thread that links Istanbul to Montreal, and its name is Özge Ünal Harvey. Özge is a young Turkish entrepreneur who has been living in Montreal for almost 13 years and has opened a boutique-workshop on Sainte-Catherine Street in the Hochelaga Maisonneuve district.

What can you find there? Creations made by Özge using Turkish linen: aprons, oven mitts, tablecloths, napkins, table runners and dishcloths. You can also find, among others, candlesticks, candleholders and tableware created by artisans such as Alphabet, Atelier Make, Roxanne Charest, Este Céramique and les deux soeurs dans le même panier, just to name a few.

There are also towels and bathrobes made in Turkey. You can find what you need for comfort and for entertaining at home with chic and beauty.

The story began when Özge arrived in Quebec, and more specifically in HOMA, to join her boyfriend. She arrived with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, work experience at art galleries and in visual arts promotion and speaking a little bit of French. Settling here in 2010, she learned French in her own environment, studied business start-ups and worked in administration at a small children’s clothing company. However, the latter closed its doors in 2017, leaving Özge without a job.

In 2018, she began questioning her future career path. She loved textiles, design and craftsmanship. Craftsmen and craftswomen work hard but are little aware of their value. She had seen so many making beautiful products, but not promoting them due to a lack of time. She also has memories of the fabrics and seamstresses her mother used to take her to see, inspiring the art of the beautiful and the unique. So, Özge began sewing table and kitchen items in linen. “It’s a story that began in my living room,” she says proudly, “and now our products can be found in over 160 boutiques across Canada and the United States.” For example, you can find them at Simons Fabrique 1840 and if you’re an Etsy addict, you can find them at

To help local Turkish artisans going through a difficult period in their history, she buys linen from them. She chooses her colors, which are made from Oeko-Tex-certified dyes in soothing earth tones. Her creations are both utilitarian and elegant. At the start of this journey, everything was done online due to the pandemic. Since last spring, her creations and those of other artisans can be seen in her small boutique on Sainte-Catherine Street East. There’s also a little corner where you can find cute items for kids: party hats, snack bags, blankets, bathrobes, etc. You can also have your tablecloth or table runner made to measure.

Özge can’t see herself anywhere else but in her adopted neighborhood. Whether it’s because her boyfriend and their little boy come by to say hello or because of her neighbors and friends, but she feels right at home.

When I asked her how she sees her adventure evolving, she replied that she wanted her boutique-workshop to become a place for promoting and showcasing artisans and designers, with the possibility of launching collections. I’ve seen it, but if you don’t know the place, I highly recommend it. It’s at 4799 rue Sainte-Catherine Est, just off Viau. You’re sure to meet Özge there, and that in and of itself is well worth the detour.

Enjoy your visit!

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