Comic book festival in Chinon: Projector on Princess Sara


Dear readers, this article is focused on the comic book festival in Chinon, France (also known in French as the festival de la BD en Chinonais), which took place on the 11th and 12th of March 2023. This event was designed in a pedagogical way around themed exhibitions. The epicentre of cultural life in Chinon is the “Espace Rabelais.” We will explore the aims of this event.

The goal of the festival: to bring to light the 9th art through an educational lens whilst honouring the author Nora Moretti (Princess Sara). The originality of this event lies in the journey arranged by the exhibitors. Within the festival, there was an exhibition of comic strips and an introduction to the creation of comic book scripts, but unfortunately, I was unable to attend, which is why I will only briefly address this point. The festival which happened at the Espace Rabelais in Chinon became a place of exchange between comic book readers and authors. A unique moment in public life.

Comic books are discovered: the pedagogical goal of comic book strips

The aim of this stand is to offer real life comic strips to show the public a full comic strip catalog. The organisation La BD sexpose wanted to demystify this art and to make it accessible to children and parents alike. The purpose of this catalog is also to introduce artists’ strips and to encourage young people to read. The organisation La BD s’expose even offered the public to buy comic strips, allowing people to have the privilege of owning a comic strip and thus supporting the illustrators.

Princesse Sara, a female comic hero

This comic book, meant for a younger audience, explores a father-daughter bond and provides much needed female representation in the comic book world. Princess Sara delivers a fundamental message about a father-daughter relationship, and how it can help build a balanced identity. This work opens the field of comic books to female representation, which is constantly growing. This comic was also adapted into a series in Japan.

Princess Sara is the allegory of a little girl who builds the woman she will become. Reading this comic helps us reflect on and rethink father-daughter relationships.

To conclude, the BD en Chinonais festival revealed a pedagogical and inclusive way to present and expose all types of comic books.

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Translation by Ariane Raffy

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