08 Dec: Waahli – The generosity of an engaged artist

If that nice face with a deep look reminds you of something, well, you have surely seen him at Montreal Jazz Festival, during a performance he gave at Télé-Quebec’s program Belle et Bum, or even watched one of his clips on TV5. One who knows well Québec’s Hip-Hop is already aware that artist Waahli AKA Wyzah has dropped his latest album, called Soap Box, last September. This album is a tribute to his precious Haitian roots, passed down by his parents coming from Haiti to settle in Montreal. If January overshadows your mental health, I offer you this powerful prescription stained with Creole and Latin notes, a groovy that makes you want to dance and the soul that will allow you to break free. His lyrics will intrigue you, as it is one of Hip-Hop’s goals to use musical rhythm to convey its messages.


11 Jul: KINKY HAIR FOR GOOD! – 1st part

Along with skin, hair is a physical marker, visually apparent, allowing for the distinction of human beings in different genetic categories. In this series of three articles, we will focus on the most unique of all: kinky hair, which, contrary to other types of hair, defies gravity and looks towards the stars like the foliage of a tree. This series is not an umpteenth one on kinky hair. It will focus on what makes so particular this type of hair that grows on the head of the majority of melanodermas.