22 May: Comic book festival in Chinon: Projector on Princess Sara

Dear readers, this article is focused on the comic book festival in Chinon, France (also known in French as the festival de la BD en Chinonais), which took place on the 11th and 12th of March 2023. This event was designed in a pedagogical way around themed exhibitions. The epicentre of cultural life in Chinon is the “Espace Rabelais.” We will explore the aims of this event.


17 Feb: Harry & Meghan | The Netflix series

The choice of the title “Harry & Meghan” for the Netflix series, allows us to see that they have made a crucial perspective in their narrative; we get to see them as individuals rather than figures of the British royal family. The first episode tells their story from 2020 to 2022, looking at their departure from the royal family and their relationship with the press. It was the first time they took control of their own narrative.


16 Jan: The Series: Emily in Paris

One of the leading series on Netflix is “Emily in Paris,” which depicts life in a Parisian communications agency. This series is an allegory and seeks to emphasize the French way of life according to the American point of view. The main point in this series is to see how France is represented within the series.