Nicolas Villeneuve
Nicolas Villeneuve

Agricultural Entrepreneur ❘ Villeneuve Domain

Former teacher, holding a degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal, having done substitution in educational and social adjustment in secondary levels, former municipal councillor of Saint-Joseph-du-Lac and former administrator of Deux-Montagnes’ section of the agrarian producers’ Union (UPA), he is a seasoned farmer who has succeeded in carving his place over the past several years in the domain. In charge of marketing and other managerial aspects of the family enterprise which operates in apple-growing, Nicolas possesses a solid experience in various administrative boards, notably as President of Montreal’s Public Markets in 2018.

Angélique Marguerite Berthe Diène

Artist ❘ Blacky Gyan
Entrepreneur and Co-founder ❘ Cheliel
Advisor ❘ Office of Control of Firearms and Explosives of Quebec (Quebec Security)

Outside of making Art enthusiasts join R Magazine, Angélique Marguerite Berthe Diène is a social and committed entrepreneur. Much like cats – which she does not like at all, by the way- which have several lives, she has had a few, as of now, in Senegal, in France and in Nicaragua with experiences in finance and various projects ranging from fashion to feminine entrepreneurship, from social to agricultural. And it’s afterwards that she dives, in parallel, into the world of Quebec’s provincial police.

A true fashionista, she who loves to manipulate numbers and rags is never seen without her heels or her headphones that permanently let out all genres of music ( even if she doesn’t hide her preference for Kizomba, Mbalakh and RnB). She however exchanges them on the weekend for boots to enjoy nature. And if it’s not nice out, the woman of a few words orally uses them on paper or onscreen to remedy in her own way to certain ills caused by all kinds of oppression.

Laura Bonnieu
Communication committee manager

Eager for new challenges, it’s to make artists and uncommon cultural and artistic practices known that she has joined R Magazine in 2013.

Writer, community manager, infographist, communications’ manager or advisor are roles she has taken on for the magazine over the years. Multitasking and having noticed the growing evolution of R Magazine since its start, she represents communications during general assemblies. Proposing to participate in defining strategies and giving her opinion on the directions to take are for her a privilege amidst this organization that is particularly dear to her heart.

Réjean Savard
Head of development committee
Founder and General Manager | EMQ Media

A shadow worker involved with young people for more than thirty years, this autodidcat has dedicated his whole career to humans and represents a true role model for the thousands of young people who have had the chance to meet this communitarian volunteer. Always present at their side, he has succeded in elevating the self-esteem of many immigrant children, children living in the streets and children of Life. He always keeps them looking forward, like a “Carrier of Hope”. Réjean Savard mostly stands out with the brand new project, “Vixit”, which he just started to build, which is essentially aimed towards self-esteem and showing young people that believing in a better world starts with being a little more alert, open and engaged everyday themselves. He believes that only youth can change the world, since it’s at this age that the clash of generations hits strong and allows the birth of new ideas and methods, and that creativity is at it’s peak. His message : “Never forget your youth, travel the world to meet people. Share your journey and the path ahead will be magnificent”

Moussa Sidibé
Fiscal analyst

Associated entrepreneur GoldenTax

Passionate about volunteer work and finance, Balla has started his adventure in finance and taxation in college associations as a volunteer and co-founder of a tax clinic. He has later pursued his career in one of Quebec’s largest accounting firms and has then joined the private industry.

An entrepreneurial soul, Balla made his start in this field by joining GoldenTax as an associate. Through this accounting firm, he helps a lot of entrepreneurs in their decision process.

Enthusiastic about culture, he has participated in the organisation of several cultural events for various associations he has taken part in.

Abdoulaye Lo
Policy and Procedures Manager

Compliance specialist | Canada Revenue Agency

Accountant by formation with several years of professional experience in verification, taxation, accounting and management, he has a very good knowledge of accounting and economic matters.
Bilingual, passionate about numbers, efficient, versatile, equipped with a team spirit, dynamic and self-sufficient, his wealth of experience includes several in project management and has a great adaptability in teamwork. Supporting a company’s accounting and management activities as a whole with precision and efficiency is one of his main characteristics.

Benoit Tendeng
Environment Committee Manager

Conservation biologist | Forestry engineer | Programs’ Manager | Society for Canada’s Nature and Parks – Quebec section

Involved very early with the Scouts at a young age, for the conservation of nature no less, Benoit was far from picturing himself pursuing a career in the environmental field. Today, he acts as an environmental professional, thanks to his training in forestry and biology. His work experience in Africa, Europe and America has allowed him to take interest in areas of expertise such as nature conservation, endangered species, the arrangement of wildlife habitats and the valorisation of traditional knowledge in forestry.
A scientific extensionist, Benoit sets himself apart in Quebec in mobilising citizens to fight against climate change. That way, through the social reforestation during which citizens, more specifically younger generations, are encouraged to undertake concrete actions in favour of nature, Benoit puts social engagement and profession into practice. To him, “ it’s in nature that the future of humanity is going to play out and we must therefore take care of it.”

Bo Diaw
Art Comittee Manager

Author – Composer – Singer

Born in Senegal, Bo Diaw was brought up in a musical environment. He has talen part in all kinds of music styles; from religious songs to pop, through Reggae or Afro beat. He has collaborated with many Canadian, Senegalese artists, etc. even making a videoclip with Canada’s Miss Universe, Shany Bolte. It’s a flourishing and enriching path Bo Diaw follows. On August 2017, his hit song “YAW LAY WEUR” will give him the exposure he deserves, and it is during the second edition of the Gala Dynastie that he will receive his first prize: World Music Artist or Group of the year. The subjects he tackles are very important and powerful: the Senegalese and African woman, the strength we must draw in ourselves and our own heritage, amongst others.

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