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Arc en Xlles
Arc en Xlles
Arc en Xlles

Words and pictures to relieve some of the pain caused by all kinds of oppression


Born from the collaborative work of womxn fighting all sorts of oppression (xenophobia, racism, sexism), this collection of poems, open expression writings and illustrative works sends an impactful and useful message to shed light upon the dynamics of contemporary racism.


Women speaking out against racism and inequalities

Arc en Xlles is an initiative that aims to discuss discrimination due to ethnic origins, skin color, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientations. Art, literature, words and pictures meet to deliver a message of tolerance towards everyone, women, men and children, a message of hope and humanity.
This collection’s goal is to honour the men and women that were robbed from their lives in the spring because of their differences.

A fight for rights, liberties, decency and the lives of everyone, including racialized people.
A fight against the ignorant people that nurture the hate and violence directed towards many.

A collection that helps a good cause

All profits will be given to organizations that actively take part in the fight against discrimination in all its forms, such as Grands Frères Grandes sœurs, which supports children development in a diverse and inclusive environment. This organization gave itself the mandate to create inspiring and impactful mentoring relationships that help children reach their full potential and be better equipped for the future.

À propos

Afro Women Workshops (AWW) intends to create a community of enterprising, creative and united businesswomen that come from all around Africa or the Caribbean, or that are simply in love with the black continent. These women, enterprising, creative and united, excel in a variety of fields: gastronomy, literature, tourism, fashion, beauty, medicine, etc. The goal of this knowledgeable melting-pot that holds a touch of African and Caribbean know-how is to help women proudly hold the banner of their success by joining forces.

Beside pushing aside competition for collaboration, this group dedicated to women aims to be a place to meet people and discuss with them about the entrepreneurial and artistic culture, but also about the African contient.

Deeply committed to its cause, AWW intends to work to solve different social issues.