Sherfy, a French photographer, has approached the horses, and more specifically, during servicing. She was going to a horse show and that is how the interest came to her: “I was impressed on how beautiful the competition horses could be: shiny hair, often wearing mane, sometimes decorated headpiece harness … And all this for a passage that lasts just a few minutes. I told myself it would be interesting to look into the complexity of preparation before a show…”  Thus it is how she passed from the side of the scenes to inside the stables, where one can pampers these animals.

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The day of the competition, the horse is prepared in several steps: to start, we have to count twenty minute treatments (brushing, cleaning, styling, etc.), then about fifteen minutes that allow it to stretch. An hour before the passage, it is saddled and led to the rest area in order to warm it up. After the last race, the horse goes back to his box; but again, we take care of him, tendon protection to the legs, grease clogs, brushing again … These horses are docile and used to be groomed; the operations are performed easily.

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Here are some pictures illustrating these steps. This report is thus more focused on human / animal relationship. The black and white accentuates the hidden to the viewer, as if it was a buried memory. But this choice also allows greater priority to these subjects: hair, water, iron, etc., the pure lines of clichés and contact between two beings.

Credit: Sherfy

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