Literary and artistic expression of women fighting against racism

With everything that’s going on right now, it’s unthinkable to just sit behind our keyboards and demonstrate.

We need TO ACT!

Posts here, articles there, it’s not enough for us. Racism and all forms of injustice are killing us mentally … physically! That’s why we offer to use words and drawings to get our messages across. Whether filled with sadness, anger or disgust … let’s get them out!

This collection (digital and paper) of expression will be the result of several women who choose to fight together against xenophobia and racism and who want to help the communities most affected.

Proceeds from the sale of this collection, will be donated to organizations we decide on collectively.

For texts and poems, there is no maximum number of words but it goes without saying that they should not be mileage (2 pages maximum and for the illustrations, they have to be in a book printing format (high quality / definition / resolution) and ideally vertical.

Don’t hesitate to share it with women (or anyone else who identifies as such) who might be interested To your pens! Note: Illustrations from white allies are welcome!



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